Editor Note

Athletic, happy woman kicking surf

The Past Prepared Good Health Directory for an Exciting Future…

This year – 2018, the Good Health Directory is officially celebrating its 20 year anniversary. It has changed over the years and continues to be positioned for growth with new ideas and plans underway.

When started in 1998 there were a handful of businesses who still to this day are illustrating. These people have been very supportive this past year and I want to thank you. Your kind words have been very encouraging and allowed me the ability to reflect on the past two decades and take this year to plan the next chapter.

My mission was and is to continue bringing the “Good Health” community a resource that is trusted and to create content that educates, informs and inspires. I attended Wellness Expos and have had many meetings with individuals to educate what the Good Health Directory really stands for, and I will continue to do so this year.

With a world with so much at our fingertips – we still need something that isn’t just found after an internet search. Having something that is researched, designed and printed locally, demonstrates East Coast community, and provides the illustrator an opportunity to communicate their brand’s core message, without the website pop-ups and distractions of email and social media messages.

Take a minute and seek out the people and products within. If you or you know someone who would like to be a part of the “Good Health Community” reach out to me.

Go ahead extend a hand and jump into your something “good.”

Robin Heisler