About us

Athletic, happy woman kicking surf

I left the corporate lifestyles because suddenly you know it’s time to start something new and trust the elements around you. Educated in Newfoundland, Ontario and Hawaii where I studied business, human resources and marketing, I know firsthand how cultures are different, but no matter where you are educated, live or conduct business the commonality is always the same – we continuously look for ways to improve, to make something better.

My corporate life provided me so many opportunities, the senior executive positions within real estate, biotech and hospitality enabled me to travel the globe. To witness alternative medicines firsthand in China; work/life balance laws within Europe; meditation from the Hawaiian Islands and right here at home the entrepreneurial spirits of so many hard working individuals, from the farmer to the fisherman, from the scientist to the local soap maker – all of which has led me to where I am today.

My areas of expertise are specifically in communication and marketing. Building long-term relationships with my clients and helping local business owners have a voice with niche initiatives is something I strongly believe in. I focus on the bigger picture of what it is that’s required to be created within a business, the lifestyle the owner has, and the motivational tactics required to move forward to achieve the tasks at hand and goals put forth.

I hope to develop new partnerships with local business owners who have a focus on a healthy lifestyle, products, and services. Whether it be in small business marketing, strategy planning or growth. If you would like to be included or know someone to be listed in the Directory let them know, or reach out to me. We are currently taking orders for the next publication and I look forward to learning what you are looking for and how I can help you achieve your plan of action.

The future belongs to those who collaborate. Let’s take the time and welcome the opportunity to learn about the fantastic people, products and services right here in Nova Scotia. Canada’s Ocean Playground is our home, our commonality is how to improve our province’s health and I plan to be the guide in kicking it forward.

Robin Heisler